Our Services


Student and Graduate visas –

Applying for visas or relevant courses to apply for visas…

Partner visas –

Partner and prospective marriage visas…

Skilled visas –

Independent and Sponsored skilled visas…

Tourist and Holiday visas –

Short term visas to visit, explore and work in Australia…

Business visas –

Investor and Entrepreneur visas…

General Advice and Assistance

For visa conditions, cancellations or refusals. Including advice on how to respond and communicate with the Department of Homeland Affairs, appeal decisions or seek exemptions.

Other services...

Skills assessment-

Advice on skills assessment for migration purposes and licencing/employability purposes. Assistance with entire process of acquiring skills assessment.

Education advice and assistance –

Enrolling in courses, accepting offers, communicating with education providers. Upskilling and increasing employability.

Employment advice and assistance –

Resume/CV and Cover letter writing and assistance, communicating with employers or potential employers, working with recruitment officers and agencies. Training and upskilling for positions. acquiring licencing/relevant qualifications for desired positions.

Tax and Business advice –

Assistance with completing tax returns and advice on tax deductions and minimising tax liabilities. advice on setting up and structuring a business.

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